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Appearing spontaneously in elevators throughout the city, Random Acts of Elevator Music enlighten the consciousness of office workers with live muzaktronica. Their portable studio hidden in briefcases, who knows where these undercover sonic re-designers will next strike. Check the website for the inside tip on where and when to experience the soothing oscillations and melodies of Random Acts of Elevator Music. Just don't tell your HR department or the security guy at the front desk...

Random Acts of Elevator Music performed as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival during 2006 as well as 2009 at office buildings throughout the CBD. There were covert visits to Sydney and rare out-of-office-hours appearances at bars and venues, as they spread sonic joy throughout the land.

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2006 Production Diary

Read about the construction and planning for the first RAEM tour of 2006 - build 2006

2006 Tour Diary

This tour diary is an archive of the blog we used to maintain to allow us to post to our website from a mobile phone. These mobile posts contained a photo, title and brief bit of text. The first RAEM tour of 2006 took place before the days of twitter, proper smart phones, a facebook account and the like but we managed it using a Razr phone, 2 email addresses and a bit of code wrangling.

The tour involved us arriving unannounced at buildings chosen by us or suggested by fans, we would take a photo of the exterior and note the address in a post to the blog that would get published by the time we got into one of its elevators. Once inside we would commence playing our music and take another photo for a second blog post that would get sent once we either got evicted or left of our own accord. This last post would have a description of our experience in the elevator as well as advice on where we would next be venturing.

Read about the first RAEM tour of 2006 - tour 2006

2009 Production Diary

Read about the construction and updates for the second RAEM tour, 2009 - build 2009

2009 Tour Diary

The tour diary for 2009 follows a similar format to the first tour with the only changes being larger photos thanks to an updating the mobile phone to a Nokia N85. This tour utilised updated music gear and allowed to play music with better clarity, louder and for longer. Also of note is that we spent one week in Melbourne as part of the Fringe Festival and the following week in Sydney as part of an Australia Council Music Grant.

Read about the second RAEM tour of 2009 - tour 2009